1st-£2.00 2nd-£1.50 3rd-£1.00






Flower Section


Class 1 Three single break spray chrysanthemums in one vase

Class 2 One specimen chrysanthemum

Class 3 Three incurved chrysanthemums

Class 4 Three intermediate chrysanthemums

Class 5 Three reflex chrysanthemums

Class 6 One vase of mixed chrysanthemums


Class 7 Three vases of three dahlias (any size) (PRIZE MONEY !ST £5, 2ND £3 AND 3RD £2)

Class 8 Three dahlias under 55mm pom

Class 9 Three small cactus or semi cactus

Class 10 Three small decorative dahlias

Class 11 Three medium cactus or semi cactus

Class 12 Three decorative medium dahlias

Class 13 Three large or giant dahlias

Class 14 A bowl of mixed dahlias arranged for all round effect

Class 15 Three ball type dahlias


Class 16 Top Vase class (PRIZE MONEY 1ST £10, 2ND £5 AND 3RD £3)

Class 17 Three stems of sunflowers

Class 18 Three gladioli

Class 19 Potted orchid

Class 20 Potted fuchsia

Class 21 Vase mixed flowers

Class 22 One flowering pot plant

Class 23 One foliage pot plant

Class 24 Six sweet peas

Class 25 Four roses - named and different

Class 26 Six roses - as grown

Class 27 One specimen rose - named

Class 28 One floribunda stem

Class 29 The same rose in 3 stages of open (bud,intermediate,fully open)

Class 30 One Gentleman’s buttonhole - rose 


Class 31 "Jubilee" - an arrangement not to exceed 20" wide

Class 32 "Berries and Foliage" - an arrangement

Class 33 A corsage (small bouquet worn on clothing or around the wrist)

Class 34 A bunch of flowers in a Jam Jar (CHILDREN 5 YEARS AND UNDER)

Class 35 A display in a pint glass milk bottle (CHILDREN 6 TO 10 YEARS)

Class 36 Longest nettle (CHILDREN 16 YEARS AND UNDER)

Class 37 Largest sunflower head (CHILDREN 16 YEARS AND UNDER)

Farmers Section

Class 38 Sample of barley

Class 39 Six Ears of wheat

Class 40 Two fodder beets - tops off

Class 41 A carrier bag of silage

Class 42 Hay sample - in a carrier bag

Class 42A Four field potatoes unwashed


Class 43 One bloom, one vegetable

Class 44 Top Tray class (PRIZE MONEY 1ST £10, 2ND £5 AND 3RD £3)

Class 45 Heaviest onion - as grown

Class 46 Three spring sown onions - as grown

Class 47 Three spring sown onions - dressed

Class 48 Three onions - from sets - dressed

Class 48A Two garden or allotment grown leeks

Class 49 Two trench leeks

Class 50 Two pot leeks (no more than 15cm to first leaf)

Class 51 Three separate vegetables (one of each - 5 mile radius of Masham)

Class 52 One cabbage - red or green

Class 53 One corn on the cob - un-opened

Class 54 One squash

Class 55 Any other vegetable

Class 56 Four eating apples

Class 57 Four white potatoes

Class 58 Four coloured Potatoes

Class 59 Three beetroot - round

Class 60 Three carrots - stump rooted tops off

Class 61 Three carrots - long tops off

Class 62 Two peppers

Class 63 Six shallots - dressed

Class 64 Two courgettes

Class 65 One cucumber

Class 66 One vegetable marrow - table (not to exceed 15” length)

Class 67 Heaviest marrow - as grown

Class 68 Three separate vegetables - one of each kind

Class 69 One vegetable (LADIES ONLY) any variety

Class 70 Six runner beans

Class 71 Six french beans

Class 71A Two sticks of rhubarb

Class 72 Children’s vegetable (CHILDREN - GROWN BY 16 YEARS AND UNDER)

Class 73 Children’s fruit (CHILDREN - GROWN BY 16 YEARS AND UNDER)

Class 74 Four tomatoes - Millenium Plate Class

Class 75 Six cherry tomatoes

Class 76 Five cooking apples

Class 77 Basket of Produce and Flowers grown on Masham Allotments

Class 77a Best Masham allotment belonging to Masham Allotment Association


Photographs to be unmounted and not to exceed 7”x5”

Class 78 Colour print - Tree/Trees

Class 79 Colour print - Travel

Class 80 Colour print - Red/White/Blue

Class 81 Colour print - Insects/Bugs (CHILDREN AGED 5 TO 10 YEARS)

Class 82 Colour print - Wildflowers (CHILDREN AGED 11 TO 16 yrs)


Handwriting on unlined paper of your choice

Class 83 Handwriting (5 Years and Under) Write your First Name

Class 84 Handwriting (6 to 8 Years) Eight lines of your choice from any storybook

Class 85 Handwriting (9 to 11 Years) Twelve lines of your choice from any storybook

Class 86 Handwriting (12 to 16 years) Fourteen lines of poetry of your choice

Class 87 Colour a pre printed picture with colouring pencils (5 yrs and under)

Class 88 An edible necklace (10 years and under)

Class 89 A miniature garden (10 years and under)

Class 90 An item made from a cereal box (10 years and under)

Class 91 A An animal made from fruit and/or vegetables (6 to 10 years)

Class 92 A lego model (16 years and under)

Class 93 Draw in any medium an animated tv character (16 years and under)

Class 94 Design your own Emoji (16 years and under)

Class 95 Make a Book Mark (16 years and under)

Class 95A Acorn’s Pre-School


Class 96 Picture in any medium

Class 97 Picture in any medium (CHILDREN - 16 years and under)

Class 98 An item of Cross Stitch or counted thread work

Class 99 An anti-litter poster (CHILDREN - 16 years and under)

Class 100 A Picture made from Hamma beads (CHILDREN - 10 years and under)

Class 101 A painted stone (10 years and under)

Class 102 Any other handicraft (16 years and under)

Class 103 Any item machine or hand sewn

Class 104 A material bag for life

Class 105 A knitted or crocheted poppy to be donated for Remembrance Sunday

Class 106 Any item of knitting or crocheting

Class 107 Any other handicraft (including rugs,woodwork)

Class 108 An item made from recycled materials

Class 109 "Queen for 70 years" An exhibit to include 2 produce, 2 handicraft items and a flower arrangement on a table 30” square - To also be judged for presentation and taste


(All jars should not be less than 1/2 lb)

Class 110 Jar of raspberry jam

Class 111 Jar of strawberry jam

Class 112 Jar of marmalade

Class 113 Jar of lemon curd

Class 114 Jar of blackcurrant jam

Class 115 Jar of any other jam

Class 116 Jar of jelly - named

Class 117 Jar of chutney

Class 117A A home-made cordial


(All food to come covered)

Class 118 Home-made bread - Any style, type, flavour

Class 119 4 Sausage rolls (rough puff pastry)(MEN AND BOYS ONLY)

Class 120 Marble cake (not filled or iced) (MEN AND BOYS ONLY)

Class 121 4 fruit scones

Class 122 4 shortbread biscuits

Class 123 4 pieces of a traybake

Class 124 Apple Pie - pastry top and bottom

Class 125 Chocolate cake (not to be iced)

Class 126 Fatless sponge

Class 127 4 macarons

Class 128 Victoria sandwich - jam filled and caster sugar dusted

Class 129 Ginger cake

Class 130a A gingerbread person (CHILDREN 8 YEARS AND UNDER)

Class 130b 4 jam tarts (CHILDREN 9 TO 16 YEARS)

Class 131a 4 pieces of Rocky Road (CHILDREN 8 YEARS AND UNDER)

Class 131b 4 biscuits (CHILDREN 9 TO 16 YEARS)

Class 132a 4 butterfly buns (CHILDREN 8 YEARS AND UNDER)

Class 132b 4 brownies any flavour (CHILDREN 9 TO  16 YEARS)

Class 133 Date and walnut loaf

Class 134 Any fruit or/and vegetable based cake

Class 135 A small flask of homemade soup

Class 136 A quiche - any flavour

Class 137 A bottle of fruit alcohol

Class 138 A swiss roll - any flavour

Class 139 A biscuit based "Showstopper"

Class 140 Six eggs